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Thoroughly cleaning dirty medical devices of all debris is the critical first step in sterile processing and key for patient safety. The Pure Station medical devices cleaning system is a portable soaking and irrigating sink system for cleaning surgical instruments and other medical devices. Designed to facilitate efficient medical device processing, this cost-effective system can help improve patient safety, as well as employee safety and productivity. Savings from the Pure Station system add up quickly.

It can take accidentally losing just a few small medical device components down your department's sink drains to offset the cost of a Pure Station system. A workers' compensation claim for carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repeatedly flushing cleaning solution with a syringe through dirty surgical instruments could be very costly. That's an expense you can avoid with the Pure Station system. Take a look at the many ways the Pure Station system can positively impact your facility's bottom line – while promoting safe, sustainable cleaning operations for your patients and staff:





Back pain is #1 issue in processing areas








In deep sink applications Pure Station reduces deep bending and twisting. The same unit doubles as a separate soaking station on the countertop.