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A premier instrument manufacturer for both Ocular Plastics and Cataract Surgery.  Rhein Medical have been producing surgical instruments for over 25 years.  Rhein Medical also offer a complete line of diamond knives for cataract, refractive and ocular plastics.  If you need something custom produced, Rhein medical can accommodate you..  As well, Rhein Medical’s return policy is guaranteed any time as long as the product is not used.




Announcing a new product for dry eye from Rhein Medical

"The Fire and Ice Mask"




Rhein Fire & Ice Mask With Cloth Sleeve

Great For Dry Eye Therapy.

Pop It In A Microwave For 15 Seconds and use Hot for up to 15 minutes.



Store in Freezer for 2 Hours, then use cold for 20 minutes

Includes Cloth Sleeve For Additional Lid Protection

Easy to Use and Can be Cleanded and Reused Multiple Times